? Placing an arguement that executive officers make XYZ percentage more than the worker bees is like comparing apples to oranges. Not to mention is said worker bees are so miffed about their pay situation what are they doing about it to improve their pay situation? You know, education/certification to make them a stronger asset to a company? In most cases the executive officers have completed numerous levels of higher education (MBAs, PHDs etc) to get to where they are. online jordan shoes for sale In my job I hear a lot of whanking about pay, yet many of these same employees do nothing to make themselves more attractive to the boss. Most just want pay raises and promotions just because they have been there another year or X amount of years. Which is a load of poo. Unless unionized, a business is under no obligation to give employees raises/promotions based solely on their time with the company. Not to mention, the employee is under no obligation to the corporation either. It's a two way street. jordan shoe official website Talk about bringing this country down? The attitude that a vast majority of people have of getting something without earning it is one reason why this country has sunk to such low levels of mediocrity. But it is only one reason the people of this country are so weak, there are many others.´╗┐Bill Hager to Introduce Jordan Play In These F TXT Kids Basketball Purple Shoes Bill HagerApparently Nancy Grace fans aren't the only ones up in arms over the fact that Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her 2 year old daughter. Air Jordan 2012 White Black Mens Retro Shoes are jordans basketball shoes Republican State Rep. Bill Hager, who represents Boca Raton, announced today that he's currently drafting legislation he's calling "Caylee's Law." He hasn't said whether that includes accidents that "snowballed out of control," but being on the Justice Committee might help get his bill onto the floor in the next legislative session. Here's what Hager said today to announce his bill drafting intentions: "What we witnessed in the case of 2 year old Caylee Anthony was truly tragic. Placing a law on the books requiring parents and guardians to report missin.